Amandine MEUNIER

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I look at the world through borders, travelling, displacement, through non-territorial belonging and place my artistic practice in what I name 'contemporary nomadism'.

I observe the environment, the constructions, the merchandise through the hands and ways of thinking of their makers, who model those according to their imaginations.

I try to open up values, I try to increase the philosophical conceptualisation potential by juxtaposing habits/rituals/social behaviours from different cultures.

I choose to work with physical matter and with my hands. I consider the manual imperfection as a richness next to the mechanical standardisation of forms produced by industrial techniques. I look for the precious, the personal through improvisation/adaptation. I look for the slipping area, the space of the other, there where one can invent the world.

I relate to shoes, bounce against borders, look for what 'home' is being made of. I dig in the traces of that what is building us. I collect the material for my reconstructions on the roads.

My works consists of objects, installations, spatial conquests, photos, drawings, texts and sounds. I use a great variety of materials, however they are often fragile, soft and light (paper, textile, leather, oilcloth, stamps, maps..)

I call out to the traveller, the wanderer, his soles, his traces.

Paper / book works